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La Folle Journée

La Folle Journée is an international festival held annually since 1995 and conceived and founded by René Martin – organiser of festivals and numerous concerts of classical music around the world. He is also the founder of the Centre de Realisations et d’Etudes Artistiques à Nantes (C.R.E.A.). The La Folle Journée Festival has been successfully held for many years in France, Spain, Japan and Brazil. It enjoys great popularity and has earned a permanent place in the cultural life of these countries’ communities.

The idea of La Folle Journée is to overcome prejudice to classical music by encouraging and facilitating involvement in concerts while presenting music at the highest possible artistic level. Short concerts take place from morning to night in many halls simultaneously. Ticket prices are low and an extraordinary atmosphere makes La Folle Journée a meeting with music to which everyone, without exception, is invited.

The festival will be held in Warsaw for the fifth time. The previous editions: Chopin Open (2010), Les Titans (2011), Russia (2012) and Music of France and Spain (2013) have met with great interest and enthusiasm of Polish audiences. The ingenious works of the greatest French and Spanish composers attracted a record number of 36 846 listeners. 1000 performers played 60 concerts in the course of three days. The La Folle Journée Festival is organised in Poland by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, C.R.E.A. and by the Ogrody Muzyczne Foundation. The fifth Polish edition will take place on 26-28 September 2014 in the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw.

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